Lisa’s guidance is always spot on. My husband and guests now linger in our home. I can tell that it brings them a sense of joy and comfort – plus there are always the many compliments!

Interior Design Testimonials

Lisa remodeled our entire condo with her team of contractors, electricians, plumbers and painters and more. She took us to numerous stores to pick out every single thing needed for a complete do-over. We went to door stores, tile stores, kitchen and bathroom accessory stores and others. Lisa spent time with us talking about window treatments, carpets, furniture options and numerous other things.

Lisa guided us through the permit process, since we knocked down a wall. The results are amazing! Everything is of the finest quality from custom cabinets, backsplash, quartz countertops and walnut countertops, just to name a few.​​​​​​​

We’ve had many friends over already, and they all mention that our designer sure knew what she was doing! Lisa is talented in so many ways and continues to give us ideas for finishing touches.

We’ve met with Lisa many times over the last 7 months and have enjoyed her company and respect her expertise. We recommend Lisa to anybody who is thinking about making wonderful improvements to their home. You will feel so happy and proud.

Judy and George
San Mateo, CA

Lisa truly is guru at what she does!!! She knows how to make the vision come to life! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to freshen up their space, she has the eye for the design! She’s responsive, helpful with her ideas and knows how to deliver the beautiful results!! Would use again & recommend Lisa for any design/remodel needs in the Bay Area.

Rachel P
Bay Area

Lisa volunteered her services to redesign a chemotherapy room for the very first RoomsThatRock4Chemo Project in San Francisco. It turned out lovely, soothing and hopeful and makes a real difference to those using the room for treatment. Thank you Lisa!

San Francisco

I have worked with Lisa on several occasions …she has a great eye for what is hip and current, and her follow thru should be commended.. Up above it asked me to pick three attributes about Lisa…I couldn’t stop at three…Lisa achieves all QUALITIES,,,,Good Results.Personable..Expert..
Good Value..On Time..HIGH INTEGRITY.. and most certainly Creative..She would not be as good as she is without being creative..I recommend Lisa to all of my clients…feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns..Denise Laugesen 650-465-5742

Denise Laugesen
Northern California

We hired Lisa to develop a color palette for a house that we were extensively remodelling. The house is surrounded by large oaks and is very dark but her choice of colors has brought life and color to every room. The colors work both individually and collectively, creating a unique atmosphere in each room but flowing together in a very harmonious way. Recommended!!!

Martyn C

Lisa’s guidance is always spot on. My husband and guests now linger in our home. I can tell that it brings them a sense of joy and comfort – plus there are always the many compliments! The paint colors along with the beautiful furniture, rugs, lighting, etc. throughout my home make it a pleasure to be in; a sanctuary away from my busy world. I trust Lisa’s instincts. She can figure out how to make a “challenging” space work by placing things in just the right spot. Lisa will listen to your family’s desires and create a space that is even better than you imagined.

Jennifer N
San Bruno, California

Lisa has impeccable taste and an eye for what flows well. Color palate and accessories finish the job of picking just the right furniture and layout. She uses feng shui practice and really knows how to make the space pop!

Regina B

Lisa remodeled my spa and not a day goes by that a client doesn’t compliment. The zen is on. She chose colors that work together and furniture. We decided on old Hollywood with a hint of beach theme. I think we succeeded. She works with your budget and listens to your ideas and incorporates her expertise with your vision. I would recommend her for your home or any retail venues.

Addison J
Northern California

Lisa is a talnted designer that has a tremendous eye for space and color. She brings unbelievable energy and enthusiasm to every project. I enjoyed working with Lisa and would not hesitate to hire her again. She is fabulous!

Dawn C
Northern California

Lisa Silverman truly knows how to pull it all together with cache’ and vision. I have seen the manner in which she involves her client to gain true consensus each step of the way. She is reliable, extremely trustworthy and works with many different parameters. The end result reflects the individual(s) beautifully. I know from seeing so many of her projects – absolutely breathtaking!

Terri Goldstein
New York

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