Interior Design Gallery

Lisa Silverman, the Decorator Guru, is a professional, intuitive, interior designer who thrives on helping clients create beautiful spaces that showcase their unique personality while enhancing their unique lifestyle. We design spaces that will clear the mind, soothe the soul, and heal the heart. Check out some of our interior design projects below.

Our team thinks outside the box. Not only do we work with your home and your lifestyle, we incorporate your personal and unique style to create a space that you will love and that fits your lifestyle to create the perfect space for you and your needs. We are committed to saving you money by finding the best deals possible through our trusted wholesalers and designer showrooms while passing along our designer discounts to you. We have a team of highly skilled, professional, licensed contractors and skilled finishers who execute all our design plans, with Lisa Silverman being the Projector Manager. She designs your space and oversees every aspect of the project from start to finish. Let the Decorator Guru turn your space into the fresh, harmonious space you’ve been longing for.